CANTASD – A Service of the Children’s Bureau

On October 18, 2017, CANTASD (the National Child Abuse and Neglect Technical Assistance and Strategic Dissemination Center) hosted a Digital Dialogue with Dr. Johnny Rice II, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Coppin State University and founder of Social Justice Ventures LLC. Sharon McKinley from the Children’s Bureau and Mao Yang from the Family and Youth Services Bureau opened the conversation by reflecting on the Administration for Children and Families’ commitment to supporting families at the intersection of domestic violence and child abuse and neglect (read more).

Texas Council on Family Violence Annual Conference

Dr. Rice served as keynote speaker on April 22, 2017 and delivered presentation entitled Fatherhood Programs & Fathers Who Use Violence: Prioritizing Child & Victim Safety. Dr. Rice provided unique insight regarding his personal exposure to domestic violence and path to resilience. In sharing his story, Dr. Rice described how his experiences have shaped his viewpoint on domestic violence and informed his work to impact change. He discussed how responsible programs for fathers may foster positive change in men who have a history of violence (read more).

DC Domestic Violence Coalition

In August 2016 and 2017 Dr. Rice as a consultant for the DC Domestic Violence Coalition in partnership with the District of Columbia Department of Corrections provided training to male inmates on Domestic Violence, Fatherhood, and Healthy Relationships. The aim of the training was to provide male offenders support and resources that can assist them in their return back to their respective communities violence free.

Georgia Commission on Family Violence

On September 20, 2016 Dr. Rice served as one of the plenary speakers and workshop presenters for the “Mending the Ties That Bind” conference sponsored by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. The conference theme centered on domestic violence in the family unit.

Presentation to Detroit Fatherhood Providers

On June 19, 2015 Dr. Rice served as keynote speaker for the “Fatherhood Providers Meeting” sponsored by the University of Michigan School of Social Work – Detroit Campus,” Detroit MI. Attendees learned how to effectively outreach and engage fathers in efforts to support and strengthen the entire family unit.

Safe Shelter Symposium on Domestic Violence

Dr. Rice participated in the 2015 Safe Shelter Symposium on Domestic Violence: Understanding and Addressing the Impact on Children in Longmont Colorado on April 22 & 23, 2015. The focus of the event was on the traumatic responses of children and youth, the needs of young survivors, and the latest research and promising practices in intervention. Dr. Rice served as a panelist and workshop presented for this event.

Beyond Silence and Violence Webinar

On March 23, 2015 Dr. Rice participated in Webinar entitled, “Beyond Silence and Violence: Engaging Men in Advocacy Against and Prevention of Domestic Violence” for Fathers Incorporated. Dr. Rice shared his insight along with other panelists to increase societal awareness on the issue of domestic violence.

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