How can I grow and become better at what I do?  How do I go about learning a new subject and or field of study?

Social Justice Ventures works with individuals and organizations in identifying education and training opportunities that will strengthen their requisite skill set. We will conduct a needs assessment with our client(s) to determine the appropriate trainings and learning platforms (i.e., eLearning) that will assist them in improving their competency in their desired field of study.  We can also assist clients in the development of curriculum that can be utilized to strengthen their subject matter expertise.  We will also conduct qualitative research (i.e., in depth interviews, roundtables, focus groups and surveys) as needed.

You will find that the Social Justice Ventures team has a diverse background ranging from human services, business, to professional development that are of interest to our clients.  Our team can assist you in navigating the red tape by avoiding wasteful opportunities that will yield little or no benefit. Our team will support you every step of the way until your education and training objectives have been defined and implemented.

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